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Barbara Gorden, daughter of Police Commissioner Jim Gordon is donning a bat-suit of her own design, and fights crime alongside Batman, Robin and Nightwing.

Batgirl was made of the classic Hasbro Animated Harley Quinn. The first operation consisted of reshaping her torso, giving her a slimmer waist as well as filling the gap between her breasts. Harley's Legs I had to completely take of and remodel, and reapply them to the torso with epoxy putty, thereby shaping her nicer hips. Her head is a standard Harley head, with all extra bits cut and sanded off, her cape (cut to fit) and hair is from the old school Batgirl. modeled gloves, belt as well as the ears and the batarang are all epoxy putty. White primer paint got rid of small uneven lines and bits. The face, the batsymbol and the rest were then just handpainted. It all sounds so much easier now...



Batgirl NEW!

Wonder Woman

Poison Ivy NEW!


Kingdom Come Superman



Flying Batman

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