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Botanist Pamela Isley was transformed into Poison Ivy through an accident at floral experiments. Enraged about mankind's destruction of plant life, Poison Ivy fights for nature using her own venomous kiss, pheromones and all sorts of plants and trees.

Poison Ivy was made of the Hasbro Animated Harley Quinn. I first saw a nice Bruce Timm illustration of Ivy sitting and since I have never seen a sitting custom Ivy before, I started working on it!
Her torso was slimmed at the waist, her bust increased using putty. I had to remove her legs and basically cut them into bits, then using putty, bringing them into the right shape, fill the gaps, sand the lot. Her right arm was taken off, readjusted. Gloves and boots were added with epoxy putty and cut and sanded.
Then I had to remodel her face, remove her smile, broaden her cheeks and add lots of putty for the hair. The hair could have been better, the hairline could have been centered. But, well. Then came painting the face and mixing a nice dark metallic green for her outfit. (see BT colour reference!) Even her skin got a slight green tone to it, though it doesn't come out that well on the picture. The roses are wire and putty and some paint!



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